“Lady into Fox” – David Garnett

Description – Описание: Sylvia Tebrick, the 24-year-old wife of Richard Tebrick, suddenly turns into a fox while they are out walking in the woods. Tebrick sends away all the servants in an attempt to keep Sylvia’s new nature a secret, although Sylvia’s childhood nurse returns. While Sylvia initially acts human, insisting on wearing clothing and playing piquet, her behaviour increasingly becomes that characteristic of a vixen, causing the husband a great deal of anguish. Eventually, Mr. Tebrick releases Sylvia into the wild, where she gives birth to five kits, whom Tebrick names and plays with every day. Despite Tebrick’s efforts to protect Sylvia and her cubs, she is ultimately killed by dogs during a fox hunt; Tebrick, who tried to save Sylvia from the dogs, is badly wounded, but eventually recovers.

Author — Автор: David Garnett – Дэвид Гарнетт

Language — Язык: English — Английский

Year of edition — Год издания: 1922

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